Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is it the weekend yet?

A recap of yesterday...

After work I laced up the running shoes to conquer my 4-mile run. It was great being outside after being stuck inside all day! Let’s just say 4 miles felt like 12…not that I have ever ran 12 miles before (my longest distance is 8 miles).

I should share that I am training for a ½ marathon in October. I was training prior to my wedding however the wedding and stress that came with it seemed to get in the way!! So I’m starting all over again. One question I ask of you marathoners out there…does the pain ever go away?? I didn’t think so.

Lunch was leftover rice noodles with watered down soup (remember it was to salty for my liking). Around 4pm I realized I was a bit hungry so I made my Kale Smoothie. I put about a TSP of the Coconut Butter (still I forgot to take a pic) in it with the mangos and bananas and it tasted like tropical heaven.

Dinner was my go to Quinoa w/ Chicken Salad with Balsamic Garlic Dressing. One of my favorites yet its so simple. Ingredients are (but not limited to):




-Any other veggies you want!

-Quinoa (I made mine in my rice cooker. Same as rice. 2:1 ratio)

-8-10oz of chicken (for two people. I sautee mine in pan with a bit of EVOO and S&P)


-1/4cup ish of balsamic vinegar

-1/8 cup ish of EVOO

-2-4 cloves of crushed garlic (I put a lot in!)

-Salt and pepper to taste

I wanted to mention real quick about the COFFEE I have been drinking. Typically during cleanses it is not recommend you drink any coffee at all. However, if that were the case I know I would fail. There's just something about the routine of drinking a hot cup of coffee every morning and tea just does not cut it! (at least for the first few days).

Decaf can be processed in a few different ways to get rid of the caffeine. To make the explanation short, the most common process uses chemicals to extract the caffeine. However, the is another process called the Swiss Water Decaffeination Process, which essentially filters caffeine out of the beans as they are soaked in water. I would highly recommend if you were going to drink decaf coffee to buy some that has been decaffeinated this way.

I thought “Organic” would cut it, but my amazingly smart friend Andrea sent me some information on the Decaf Process and I quickly ran out to whole foods and bought some new coffee!

Off to go make my morning smoothie!

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  1. This salad reminds me of the ones we made in college. I think I'm getting healthier just looking at it!