Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What better to remind you that you are doing a cleanse then a pounding headache and grogginess upon waking up in the morning!! Ughhh. I forgot to mention in my previous blogs, so I apologize for the lack of disclaimer… I usually feel great the first day, but the second day absolutely sucks. Usually the third day sucks just as much. This is your body adjusting to no caffeine and getting rid of the “junk”, or at least that’s how I view it.

I started my Day 2 exactly the same as yesterday (a lot of my mornings are pretty similar). I had some (disgusting) decaf coffee (regular taste so much better!!! I was really crabby this morning…) with coconut milk creamer and then my smoothie!!

I was having a bit of a stressful day. When I stress I snack! But I chose healthy snacks.

I had about a ¼ cup of cashews and organic dried cranberries before lunch.

(lunch was left over fish and spinach salad…not so good the next day)

I had to stop by my parent’s house where I found this delicious pear hiding out in their fruit basket.Everytime I eat pears it reminds me of the scene in City of Angels where Meg Ryan's character describes what a pear tastes (feels) like to Nicholas Cage....am I weird?

And then a snack before my workout. I had a rice cake with this amazing coconut butter (YUMO!) I don’t have a picture of it, so I will eat it again tomorrow so I can snap a pic!!

Currently I am staring at a pot of soup simmering on my stovetop. While up in Portland for work this past weekend I went over to my friends Andrea and Len's house (btw, they own an fabulous eco friendly clothing store). Andrea threw together a Thai inspired soup. I thought “this will be perfect for my cleanse next week!”. And, here I am making it.

My headache and grogginess never left me today so I did a short yoga workout (On Demand Jillian Michaels YOGA MELT DOWN.) But before that I had to prep the dinner. Look at all the freshness!! One ingredient missing in the picture that Andrea taught me about was the fish sauce. It is a secret, or not so secret, ingredient in many Thai dishes.

I'll get back to you tomorrow on how it turned out...

So please headache...go away and don't come back tomorrow!

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