Friday, July 30, 2010

Breakfast Guests!!

Thursday was a leftover day. I was running out of steam so I had no energy to make lunch or dinner. So I ate leftovers!! Ryan made his own dinner (his fav tacos)

I took Bella (puppy) on a hike in the Los Gatos Hills!! It got too hot for the black dog so we had to turn around sooner than I hoped. When I returned from my hike there was a message on my phone saying that my TWIN sister, Christy, and her husband, Mike, would be on there way sooner than they thought! (Christy, 8 months pregnant, has a baby-shower this weekend in Santa Cruz. Her and my almost 8 month pregnant cousin Jamie are having a dual shower. How fun!)

They were going to be to my house late but were staying the night so I was excited to make breakfast in the AM!

I decided to do something simple and make oatmeal. Oatmeal and I don't always get along so well. I went through a period in my life that I ate WAY to much of it, so it's taken quite a while to get myself back to the point where I enjoy eating it. This morning...I absolutely loved it. We put bananas, berries, walnuts, and coconut butter as toppings. DELISH! I guess all the tasty toppings changed my mind about this gooey substance.

* I would've never thought to put coconut butter as a topping on my oatmeal. I got this idea from an amazing food blog Kath Eats Real Food. She has a whole page dedicated to oatmeal!! The pics are to die for.

So it's Friday. I am spending the weekend in Santa Cruz for the baby shower festivities. I will stick to this cleanse. It will be tricky...being surrounded by amazing food, desserts, and drinks!! Yikes.

I'll let you know how it goes in a couple of days....

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