Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cake please??

Wow....what a weekend!!

The baby shower was absolutely amazing. For pics check out my Aunt Renee's blog!! One of the most amazing parts of the shower was the food. Which I couldn't eat most sad. I kept reminding myself that there is always going to be a party or a group of friends going out to dinner which makes there absolutely no perfect time to cleanse. I did feel a little "deprived" but there was a sense of pride about being able to follow through. I prepared for the day by making myself a stirfry with quinoa. I ate some before the shower and then some after. It was sooooo good. Or may because I just was so starving from staring at delicious salads with cheese, sandwiches, cookies and CUPCAKES all day?

Ryan and I last minute decided to go to sail the Chardonnay for my cousin Dave's 30th birthday. It was absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing way to celebrate entering into your 30's! They served pizza and beer on the boat...I'm not going to lie. At this point, pizza never looked so good in my life. Immediately after I stepped foot off the boat Ryan drove me as fast as he could to Whole Foods where I got some sushi, black bean soup, and peanut butter (you know from the machine where you can make your own? Gotta love the samples!).

Sunday was a very fun filled day as well!! Well not FUN but it was nice to get a bunch of to-do's checked off the list all the while spending the day with the husband. We went to Bed-Bath and Beyond (gotta love the triple threat), Target, IKEA and then I went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's while Ryan built his new appliance. "A man' house is not his castle until the supreme appliance hath been installed."

We made a delicious dinner tonight on Ryan's new "appliance". Fish tacos with Chipotle BBQ'd corn. YUM!! Oh and for dessert my favorite BBQ'd Peaches. I was dying to put mine on vanilla frozen yogurt...I'm just dying to eat any sugary substance at this point.

Fish Tacos:
-2 small filets of white fish (I usually use Tilapia, I seasoned mine with lime juice, garlic powder, sea salt and a dash of chipotle powder)
-Pico de Gallo
-Corn Tortillas

BBQ'd Chipotle Corn
-BBQ corn husk on
-2-3 TBSPs of EVOO
-1 clove crushed garlic
-1 TSP ish of Chipotle (depends on how much heat you like)

*Remove husk and immediately pour some of the EVOO mixture onto your corn. The heat will cook the garlic a bit.

Nothing beats a jam packed weekend like we just had. I'm exhausted but happy because I was surrounded by the people who I love!!!

I am off to go dream of cake...


  1. YUMO!!! Love the new cooker!!!

  2. Ally- you know how I called your from WF last night? Well I was there buying ingredients for fish tacos for dinner, tilapia fish tacos :)

  3. I'm lovin it so far, Ally! Good job! =)