Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Summer?

I woke up this morning and went outside. It was going to be a scorcher today. I began fearing my run scheduled for the end of the day. Not only was it Monday but it was hot and I had to run 6 miles...

During my lunch break I quickly rushed to the grocery store to stock up for the week. (We went out of town this weekend so I didn't have time to shop yesterday.) I think shopping during my lunch break isn't a good thing for me because I forgot some key items...shoot!

I have been reading a lot of food blogs and it seems like everyone is making Overnight Oats. Overnight Oats are basically oatmeal soaked in liquid overnight in the refrigerator. You can add anything to enhance the flavor. On the blog Oh She Glows she adds canned pumpkin which I thought would be delicious. Unfortunately I couldn't find any canned pumpkin but I did find PUMPKIN BUTTER! This stuff is heaven. It's pumpkin, honey and spices and taste like pumpkin pie but only 40 calories per tablespoon.

Pumpkin Butter Overnight Oats:
1 cup oats
1 3/4 cup almond milk
2 TBSP Pumpkin Butter

*Currently this is sitting in my refrigerator. I cannot wait for breakfast!

So it was now time for my run. I was nervous about the heat...

I brought my water bottle along with me. I filled it with 1/2 a coconut water and half water. I'm not a big fan of this water bottle because the weight of it throws me off balance, but until I find something better this will do!

My run was horrible. It was hot...and I just do NOT do good on hot runs. I think growing up on the coast my body is not used to hot weather. I think it's amazing how peoples bodies adapt to the environment they live in because for some people todays weather would have been the perfect mild summer running weather! Ughh I ran and walked some. 65 min...I think about 5.5 miles.

Dinner was a simple dish I found in this months Cooking Light. View the recipe here

* I added BBQ'd corn. Just cut the kernels right off and threw in the salad. I forgot the brocoli slaw at the store so I wanted to add something else to give it good texture. It was SOOOO delicious. I just love sweet corn.

Early rise tomorrow for overnight oats will help me get out of bed!

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