Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love Portland

I just adore it...for so many reasons.

#1 The food. (#2 the shopping...but I'm not even going to go there.)

Portland has so many amazing restaurants that offer amazing food combined with an amazing ambiance. It's rare that I am disappointed here.

Eating out can be quite a challenge. So when I know I am going to be on "the road" for a few days at a time I remind myself that I am not on a vacation...I am working and I need to maintain my healthy(ish) lifestyle and (try to) make smart choices on what to eat.

Before I go on long trips I usually try to workout pretty hard the few days before because sometimes I just don't have time to when I am working out of town. This past weekend (with Ryan) I did a 6 mile run, a hike, and then Monday morning a 5 mile run. Woooh. Was hard, but we got it done. I felt great getting on to the airplane knowing I had a good run that morning.

Always be prepared with snacks...in the SJC airport they have an new amazing wine bar. So of course I had to get a glass of wine. I was super hot (maybe because I had to carry my behemoth of a laptop and other carry-ons?!) so I opted for a glass of Pinot Grigio. It was quite refreshing. On the plane I skipped the free soft drink and peanuts and enjoyed a Lara Bar. I'm glad I had it because the wine made me feel very hungry.

I was able to get a short workout in this morning at the gym and plan on doing a 4 mile run tomorrow (early) AM. But the rest of the week looks questionable! Busy busy.

I will stop typing away and let you just enjoy pictures of some of the amazing food I ate today.

Lunch was at Isabel. Great food. Service was a bit slow. Portion was so big I left half of it.

And dinner was at my new favorite hot spot; DEPATURE (it's a restaurant at the top of the hotel I stay at while I am here, THE Nines). I'm lucky to have Lindsay with me!

Early bed time for me tonight. Gotta' get up and run my little heart out tomorrow. I have a VERY long day tomorrow and the rest of the week isn't looking any better.

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  1. I love Portland too! Can you love Boston next??????