Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Eating pasta is something I do maybe 2 times a year. It's just not really on my list of favorites these days. However, in doing this cleanse I am trying to get creative, so I thought, what could I do with some rice pasta?

I originally planned to make a hot rice pasta dish with sundried tomatoes, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, spinach, EVOO and S/P. However, I was invited to a friends for a BBQ and I thought I'd just make it a pasta salad!

I think I've been scarred from years of eating mayo based or "heavily-drench-in-crappy-italian-dressing" pasta salads, because this one was surprisingly fantastic. In fact, I think I'll be eating pasta a little bit more often in days to come!!

-1 bag of brown rice pasta. Follow directions to cook. Rinse with cool water
-1 TSP of Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (I put a dash more)
-1-2 cloves of crushed garlic (remember this salad is raw so the garlic gives a big kick!)
-3 thinly sliced green onions (mine weren't sliced thin enough)
-1/4 cup of sun dried tomato sliced in thin pieces
-2 cups of roughly chopped spinach leaves
-Sea Salt and Pepper to your liking

Combine EVOO, S/P, garlic and Red pepper flakes in separate bowl.
Put on the chopped ingredients in a bigger bowl. Add the pasta. Toss. Then pour dressing over. Toss Again! Chill in fridge until ready to serve.

So good and so easy!!

My workout today sucked. I did a 10 minute cardio video from ON DEMAND. At least it was something right??

Tomorrow I have a long work day on the road. I plan to eat a big breakfast and bring some good snacks, but I have to go out to lunch with a client. Should be interesting... Stay tuned.

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